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Ophir Frieder
Lab director
Scalable information processing systems, Information retieval, Communications Technology
Nazli Goharian
Associate lab director
Information retieval, Natural Language Processing, Text Mining, Social Media Analysis
David Grossman
Associate lab director
Information Retrieval, Integrating Structured and Unstructured Data, Data Mining
Ph.D. Students
Sajad Sotudeh
Text Summarization
Hrishikesh Kulkarni
Information Retrieval
Chao-Chin Liu
Ph.D. Alumni — strictly in Information Systems
  • Nairen Cao, 2022 (Advisors: Jeremy Fineman & Ophir Frieder)
    "Single-source Shortest Paths for Digraphs"
    Postdoc (Boston College)
  • Eugene Yang, 2021 (Advisors: Ophir Frieder & David D. Lewis & Jeremy Fineman)
    "Cost Reduction and Modeling of Technology-Assisted Review"
    Human Language Technology Center of Excellence, Johns Hopkins University
  • Christopher Flagg, 2021 (Advisor: Ophir Frieder)
    "Image Transformation for Improved Retrieval"
    Amazon Alexa
  • Sean MacAvaney, 2021 (Advisors: Nazli Goharian & Ophir Frieder)
    "Effective and Practical Neural Ranking"
    University of Glasgow
  • Hao-Ren Yao, 2021 (Advisor: Ophir Frieder)
    "Clinical Aligned Interpretable Graph-Based Modeling for Intelligent System in Predictive Medicine"
    National Institutes of Health (NIH)
  • Luca Soldaini, 2018 (Advisor: Nazli Goharian)
    "The Knowledge and Language Gap in Medical Information Seeking."
    Allen Institute for Artificial Intelligence
  • Arman Cohan, 2018 (Advisor: Nazli Goharian)
    "Text Summarization and Categorization for Scientific and Health-Related data."
    Allen Institute for Artificial Intelligence
  • Andrew Yates, 2016 (Advisors: Nazli Goharian & Ophir Frieder)
    "Identifying Real World Concepts in Social Media."
    Max Planck Institute for Informatics
  • Jason Soo, 2016 (Advisor: Ophir Frieder)
    "Search in Adverse Environments."
  • Jon Parker, 2016 (Advisor: Ophir Frieder)
    "Effective and Efficient Binarization of Degraded Document Images."
  • Tayo Obafemi-Ajayi, 2010 (Advisors: Gady Agam & Ophir Frieder)
    "Computational Models for Historical Document Image Enhancement."
    Missouri State University
  • Saket Mengle, 2010 (Advisor: Nazli Goharian)
    "Categorizing Text and Detecting Passages and Category Relationships."
  • Linh Nguyen, 2009 (Advisors: Wai-Gen Yee & Ophir Frieder)
    "Improving the Accuracy and Efficiency of Result Retrieval in Peer-to-Peer Networks."
    Orbitz, MAANA
  • Dongmei Jia, 2008 (Advisors: Wai-Gen Yee & Ophir Frieder)
    "Improving Search Quality in Peer-to-Peer File Sharing Systems."
  • Jay Urbain, 2008 (Advisor: Ophir Frieder)
    "Multievidentiary Models for Genomics Search."
    Milwaukee School of Engineering
  • Rebecca Cathey, 2007 (Advisor: Ophir Frieder)
    "On Scalable Search."
    BAE Systems
  • Eric Jensen, 2006 (Advisor: Ophir Frieder)
    "Repeatable Evaluation of Information Retrieval Effectiveness in Dynamic Environments."
    Summize, Twitter, Pushed
  • Steven Beitzel, 2006 (Advisor: Ophir Frieder)
    "On Understanding and Classifying Web Queries."
    Telcordia Technologies / Vencore Lab
  • Eric Burger, 2006 (Advisor: Ophir Frieder)
    "Ubiquitous Reach and Remote Control of Devices"
  • Jinho Lee, 2005 (Advisor: David Grossman)
    "MIRE: A Multidimensional Information Retrieval Engine for Structured Data and Text."
  • S. Kagan Agun, 2004 (Advisor: Ophir Frieder)
    "Hardware Assisted Pruned Inverted Index Component Design and Implementation."
  • Vincent Nguyen, 2003 (Advisor: Peng-Jun Wan & Ophir Frieder)
    "Channel Alternation and Rotation for Sectorized Wireless Systems"
  • Mohammed Aljlayl, 2002 (Advisor: Ophir Frieder)
    "On Arabic Search: The Effectiveness of Monolingual and Bidirectional Information Retrieval."
    Saudi Telecom
  • Salim Mounir Alaoui, 2002 (Advisor: Phil Bernhard & Ophir Frieder)
    "On the Clustering, Fusion, and Balanced Distribution of Data for Information Retrieval." France Telecom
  • Abdur Chowdhury, 2001 (Advisor: Ophir Frieder)
    "On the Design of Reliable and Efficient Information Servers"
    AOL, Summize,Twitter, Pushed
  • M. Catherine McCabe, 2000 (Advisor: Ophir Frieder)
    "Information Extraction and Fusion for Information Retrieval Effectiveness."
  • Kenneth Alford, 2000 (Advisors: Jim Chen & Ophir Frieder)
    "Parallel Information Retrieval and Visualization on Large, Unstructured Document Collections Using Web Link Information."
    Brigham Young University
  • Nicole Melander, 1999 (Advisor: Ophir Frieder)
    "Multiple Document Summarization for Written Argumentative Discourse."
    Oracle, Microsoft, Civitas Learning Inc.
  • Richard James, 1998 (Advisor: Ophir Frieder)
    "Performance Considerations for Information Filtering Systems Using Database."
  • Brian Willard, 1998 (Advisor: Ophir Frieder)
    "Large Scale Information Retrieval Systems: Resolving Memory Leaks in Non-Cooperative Server Applications."
  • Carol Lundquist, 1997 (Advisor: Ophir Frieder)
    " Relational Information Retrieval: Using Relevance Feedback and Parallelism to Improve Accuracy and Performance."
  • Alaa Sheta, 1997 (Advisors: Ken DeJong & Ophir Frieder)
    " Identification and Control of Dynamical Systems Using Genetic Algorithms."
  • Sorin G. Nastea, 1996 (Advisor: Ophir Frieder)
    "Parallel Solutions for Sparse Matrix Computations."
  • Anthony Ruocco, 1996 (Advisor: Ophir Frieder)
    "Parallel Clustering and Classification of Monolithic and Non-Monolithic Document Bases."
  • David Grossman, 1995 (Advisor: Ophir Frieder)
    "Integrating Structured Data and Text: A Relational Approach."
  • Tieng K. Yap, 1995 (Advisor: Ophir Frieder)
    "High Performance Computing in Genetics."
  • W. Addison Woods, 1995 (Advisor: Ophir Frieder)
    "Data Organization, Scheduling, and Presentation in Parallel Information Retrieval Architectures."
  • Kyeongmo S. Park, 1994 (Advisors: Arun Sood & Ophir Frieder)
    "Parallel Heuristic Approaches to Multiprocessor Data Allocation."
  • Fotios N. Barlos, 1993 (Advisor: Ophir Frieder)
    "DOME: Dynamic Optimization on Multiprocessor Engines - A Statistical Approach."
Masters and Undergradate students
  • Tong Xiang, MS, 2021 (Advisor: Nazli Goharian)
    (Doctoral student supervisors: Sean MacAvaney & Eugene Yang)
  • Ziling Fan, MS, 2018 (Advisor: Nazli Goharian)
    (Doctoral student supervisor: Luca Soldaini)
  • Meng Han, MS, 2018 (Advisor: Nazli Goharian)
    (Doctoral student supervisors: Luca Soldaini & Arman Cohan)
  • Tim Walsh, MS, 2018 (Advisor: Nazli Goharian)
    (Doctoral student supervisors: Luca Soldaini & Arman Cohan)
  • Sydney Young, BS, 2016 (Advisor: Nazli Goharian)
    (Doctoral student supervisor: Arman Cohan)
  • Kevin Meurer, BS, 2016 (Advisor: Nazli Goharian)
    (Doctoral student supervisor: Arman Cohan)
  • William Edman, BS, 2016 (Advisor: Nazli Goharian)
    (Doctoral student supervisor: Luca Soldaini)
  • Jonah Joselow, BS, CS Tropaia Award, 2015 (Advisor: Nazli Goharian)
    (Doctoral student supervisor: Andrew Yates)