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The ever-increasing volume of health-related and medical data, available from diversity of sources, both challenges and provides opportunities for researchers who are interested to contribute to human health by means of computation. That is, processing clinical notes, social media data, electronic medical records, and a variety of sensors individually or in integration may enable timely response and reduce the spread of an epidemic, give guidance to one in need, and maybe even prevent suicides. This processing, however, is not limited to a narrow focus; instead it spans multiple domains including but not limited to computer science, linguistics, psychology, and medicine. In this by-invitation-only, physical and mental health focused workshop, we will explore these challenges and opportunities. Successful outcomes of this workshop will be the fostering of close collaborations and novel approaches towards furthering the ongoing efforts aimed at meeting today's crucial [mental] health related needs.

November 9, 2018
9:00 – 17:00

schedule and speakers
Baker Conference Room
Regents Hall, Room 550
Georgetown University